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The team at North Atlanta Law takes the well-being of our customers and our team members very seriously. To find out what we're doing to help keep you safe during this time, please visit this page that has more information about how our team is taking a cautious approach to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

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North Atlanta Law Group, P.C. is a full service law firm, providing an abundance of services ranging from business and commercial transactions, residential and commercial real estate, probate litigation, arbitration, and mediation. For a complete list of services performed by our attorneys, please follow the links below. The wide ranging services offered by our firm provide all our clients with the experience and knowledge of a larger firm and the meticulous attention to detail of a smaller firm. We offer direct attorney involvement with clients in strategic planning and creative problem solving to make sure each client gets the individual attention they deserve.

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North Atlanta Law represents hundreds of diverse clients, including public and private companies, real estate development and property management firms, banks, surety and insurance companies, franchisees and franchisors, construction companies, retail stores, staffing companies, investors (U.S. and international) and high net worth individuals, corporate executives, small businesses, families and individuals. The firm offers direct attorney involvement with clients in strategic planning and creative problem solving. We provide large firm experience in a small firm environment.

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